Monday, April 25, 2011

Maddy Says

* One day I was a little sad and Maddy said, "Mommy sad; she needs a paci!"

* She likes to insert random words into her favorite songs. For example: " Twinkle, twinkle, little ROSE, how I ROSE, ROSE, you are!" Usually it doesn't really fit -but it's hilarious!

* "I can't fall!" She says this when she is about to fall and she needs help getting down from somewhere.

* I was in the kitchen washing some dishes and Maddy was playing in her highchair when I heard her say, "Don't grab my shirt!" as she lowered herself down from her chair. She ran to me (obviously frustrated) so I said, who grabbed you? She said through tears, "The chair grabbed me!"

* One night at dinner Tim Said to Madison, "Obey your parents in the Lord for this is right." Maddy  quickly responded, "YES JESUS!"

* We have been doing lots of pretend lately (with her ponies and her dolls). It's so fun! Well, one day, I asked Madison to please pick up the crackers that she just dropped onto the floor, She quickly opened up her empty hand and said, "I did it!" When she had clearly NOT picked up the crackers...haha.

* We were leaving Target (which she loves!) and she said, "I LOVE you store! Pick up store?" "Hug store?"

* One day we were at the library and I told Maddy, "No, do not get out of the stroller yet", She looked me right in the eye and said, "Don't say no to me mom!" I had to stifle laughter as I said, Maddy, the Bible says that children need to obey there parents. We're still working on this one.

* One day in passing, I told Maddy that Rose doesn't have any teeth yet, but they will be coming in soon. Then I found her looking in Rose's mouth saying, "Rosie's Teeth coming Mom!" (As if they might appear at any moment ;)

Madison Hope,
Your Dad and I love you so much and are thankful for your great sense of humor and spunky spirit!


kellyH said...

I love this age! especially as they begin to talk, it's hilarious of what comes out of their mouths and their perception of reality. which is sometimes quite skewed, haha!

Lacie said...

Oh wow! Paul & I laughed outloud at these...especially "Yes Jesus!". :-)