Friday, December 31, 2010

"Rosie Rose" and a bit of "falalalala"

Rosie Rose (as Madison says) is 4 months old! Seriously?! 1/3 of the way to ONE?! Time seems to be flying by these days with two little girls.

We are on vacation in PA right now and enjoying every moment with family and friends. WE head back Sunday. It’s been so fun to watch the girls with their cousins. The craziness has grown exponentially over the years.

Here are some of the Baylor cousins(there are 8 total now)
 And here are some more (we didn't get a photo of all of them together at once this time)

Here are the Jordan cousins:

It has been a wild time, but so fun watching all of the kiddos play together!

Rose 4 month updates:

  • She has found her hands and loves to look at them and suck on her fist/fingers/or thumb (no preference at this point). She also likes holding both of her hands together in front of her –it looks like she is praying – so sweet!

  • Started grabbing at toys and putting them in her mouth

  • She LOVES lying on her back and kicking like crazy until she spins around. She coos and makes fun noises that Maddy loves.

  • She loves her sister and giggles and smiles at her a lot. This is the two of them Christmas morning! This picture shows how easy-going she is. She is literally rolling off of Madison's lap and she is just as happy as can be ;)

  • She loves to bounce on Daddy’s knee and squeals and giggles

  • She purses her lips together and make a “B” sounds while blowing little bubbles – Maddy loves it and I have to admit, it’s pretty cute!

  • She is on a 3 hour eating schedule and sleeps from about 8/9pm to 7:30 am in her sister’s room. Although, I usually wake her still to give her one more “dream feeding” around 10/11 before we head to bed. The girls have been doing great still sharing a room at night. They don’t wake up til morning! They don’t share during nap time though; I still have a bassinet in our bedroom for Rose during the day, so that Madison can still play in her own room.

I will be taking Rose to the pediatrician this next week, so I will have to give some new updates on her height and weight, but I have a feeling she is growing faster than Maddy did – but we’ll see! 

We love you "Rosie Rose"! You are a very happy, easy going, and sweet baby girl and we are so glad you area a part of our family ;)

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JordanandSue said...

Oh, my- those last two pictures of Rose are DARLING! What a sweetie she is! I love the picture of Madison & Rose, too- rolling right off her lap :) Time is going TOO FAST!