Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Tim!!!

Oh my word Tim-30! Really?! Haha- I can tease about him being SO OLD because I turn 30 in just a few weeks :) 

Seriously though, I am just crazy thankful for my dear husband. We've had some really great times together (and continue to ;) -He is my best friend and I just love his companionship! He is seriously the best Dad to our girls that I could have ever asked for and he works so hard at his job so that I can have the wonderful opportunity of staying home with our sweet girls while they are young. 
I could never repay him for that! 

We have been together since we were 16, so that's nearly half of our lives now! I love the history and life we have together. Don't get me wrong - it's certainly not perfect. 
No marriage ever is. 
It's hard work sometimes, but it is certainly worth it in the end! 

Here is a quick snapshot of our last 14 years together:

Age 16 - Best friends already, started dating by going on a double date 
with my twin and our friend Zach

Age 17 - Still dating (Although broke up nearly every summer :)

Age 18 - seniors in high school now, graduated,  headed off to freshman year of college together in WI (oh and we broke up for our whole freshman year too ;)

Age 19 - sophomore year - got back together - continued our studies and made some really great friends

Age 20 - Juniors - got engaged during Spring Break in NYC -very romantic!

Age 21 -Seniors! Wedding planning!

Age 22 - got married 2 weeks after college graduation! Moved to VA to begin seminary.  Tim started the business "Finishing Touches Painting and Pressure Washing" with Jordan Heijermans. I started my first year of teaching at GCA teaching 2nd grade.

Age 23 - Tim continued seminary and started teaching high school theology and Greek. I began coaching high school soccer, and moved to teaching 4th grade.

Age 24 - I continued to teach 4th grade,  Tim continued seminary and continued teaching high school theology and Greek. 

Age 25 - Tim took a year off seminary, but continued to teach. I continued to teach 4th grade and we both coached high school soccer girls together. We really enjoyed that break from seminary and got to spend lots of time together and with friends as we prepared to move to Chicago.

Age 26 - Moved to Chicago to finish Seminary at TEDS. Tim worked as a barista at Starbucks and I taught 3rd grade at HFLS in the city and began my Master's degree in teaching.

Age 27 - Tim continued at TEDS and started to work for the church part-time as well as a barista at Starbucks part-time.  I finished my last year of teaching and continued to work on my degree
 (do you think we love school or what?!) Then Madison arrived!

Age 28 - Tim graduated from TEDS with his MDiv - began working for the church full-time.  I stayed home with Madison and continued to work on my degree. 

Age 29 - Tim continued to work full-time at the church in a new role. I continued to stay home with Madison and continued to work on my degree while pregnant with Rose. Rose arrived on the scene!

Age 30 -Happy Birthday Babe! I'm enjoying the ride with you :)


Lacie said...

Aww! Love reading your stroll down memory-lane. Happy birthday, Tim and congratulations to both of you for the years together investing in one another and your family.

kellyH said...

what a fun history you have! yep, the big 3-0 has arrived for us all. :-/ thankfully little ones keep us too occupied to dwell on it too much. :)