Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Girls are Officially "Bunkmates" Now :)

I moved Rose into Madison's room last night. I was so nervous about how it would go, but it went as well as could have been expected! Tim and I spent much of the evening chatting with Madison about how Rose would be sleeping in her room, and that she needed to be a big girl and be quiet and stay in her bed no matter what ;) 

I forgot to get pics of them in their room together, but I will post some soon. I really would like to get their new name plates up and organize a few things first. so here are a few I took of them the other night after we decorated for Christmas!

I put them both down at the same time (around 7:30pm) and there was some noise from both of them for a little while (maybe 15 min) until they both fell asleep! Then I snuck into the room at 10:00pm to get Rose for another feeding. Maddy woke up and was confused - but Tim just comforted her and explained that Rose needed to eat. 
Then Tim snuck back in around 11pm to put Rose back down. Maddy woke up again, but I just told her Rose was going back to sleep and tucked her back in. Rose and addy cried for less than a minute and they both fell asleep again and slept until 7:30am!!! I am not sure who woke up first, but I heard Maddy talking first, so I went in to get her and she was still in her bed and Rose was awake happily kicking in her crib ;) I am sure there will be some tough nights ahead - but not a bad start. 
Praise the Lord!


Katie Barker said...

so glad to hear that it went well. Sounds like you had a such a good plan to have Tim go in with you to talk to Maddy.
I like the picture from behind of the girls looking at the tree. What a great angle.

Danielle said...

That's so wonderful that you had a great first night!! Hope tonight goes well too. Those girls are super cute!

kellyH said...

yay, so glad it went so smoothly!

Andy and Davina said...

Love the pic of the girls laying on the floor by the tree...cuties :)