Sunday, March 02, 2008

Busy life in February

Well, this last month has just flown by! I finished up my first grad school class  "Foundations of Education" and actually pulled offan A- (not sure how that happened with working full time etc... but PTL!) Then I started a class called "Foundations of Integrative Thought".  It was Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-10 pm.  

Wow! Talk about crazy!  It was a very interesting class. It was basically a Biblical Theology class on crack.  What I mean by that is that it was very accelerated since it was a block course. So there was a lot crammed into 2 and a half weeks!  I found myself surrounded by people in my class (including my professor) who were questioning whether people go to hell or not! It was crazy.  I didn't think that I would face that. I was certainly the only Calvinist in there (which truthfully, I have experience that before). So needless to say, it was quite the experience.  I was really challenged in my beliefs.  It was very good for me study these things and defend them without Tim there to help me.  
Well, in this last week of February, tim was gone in Colorado preaching at a GCA teen class trip.  I was so happy that he got to go and be with this kids again.  But it came at such a bad time.  I had a Biblical Theology paper due in my class that week! And it was worth 80% of my grade! Fortunately, some of Tim's friends were a huge help! I would like to give a shout out to Nate Mihiles, Scott Logan, Tim Barker, and James Gordon. Thanks guys for giving me advice an
d helping me with this paper while Tim was away! I am sure that Tim is thankful that you kept me from falling into heretical arguments in my paper (bad for the Baylor name here, ya know?)
Tim came back into town Friday night (29th of Feb.) and we went out to dinner at a sweet little Italian restaurant in our area. It has been great havi
ng him home again.  Although, now he has to play catch up with seminary.  Fortunately, he has this week off of classes for Spring break... and I have off of my grad school classes as well! So hopefully we will be able to get back into the swing of things!
Oh yea, and Tim started a job a Starbucks!  It is just great for me! We get 1 lb. of FREE coffee beans eery week!  And when we are out together we can get coffee drinks for 30% off!  It's sweet.  He will be working 4:30am - 8:30 am Monday - Friday.   It will be difficult, but it will really help us to pay the bills. 

I am so pumped that I have about 14 days until my Spring Break at HFLS! So I am absolutely excited!
I can't believe that this year is going by so quickly! I just have March, April, and May left until the school year is over... crazy!  

Well, that's all for now. Hope you and your families are all doing well!  May God's blessing and peace be upon you in the rest of this year!


Kristin said...

Congratulations on Seattle this past week we went to the original Starbucks. That would be nice to have a free lb. of coffee every week; we enjoy my 50% discount on the cafe items! What a blessing.

Kristin said...

I don't know what happened to my was supposed to say Congratulations on your A-! While in Seattle this past week... Sorry!

jeileenbaylor said...

that is so funny! I read that first comment, and just couldn't figure out what you were talking about.... thanks for clarifying :)

smlogan said...


i'm glad to see that you are being challenged theologically (since you don't get any of that at home :) way to defend the faith.

Laura said...

Julie! You are like my hero. I love you!

Chad said...

rock on Sbux...i am working on my second year there and it has been a blessing. not only the free coffee, but we get our benefits from them as well

jeileenbaylor said...

Logan... how dare you?!

S&s said...

I had the CRAZIEST dream last night!!! I had a dream that I was walking through your classroom and you had a starbucks card sitting out and I stole it from you and then when you asked me if I had stolen it, I said NO! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?!! Isn't that so crazy?!! Kind of makes me a little worried about myself;)

I must just be so jealous that you get free coffee from Starbucks. I greatly miss the days when Steve-o worked there! He would bring me a free frap almost every day;(

So glad for your spring break coming up! Enjoy!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Yeah! Spring break! I love spring break! Glad Tim had a chance to go and be with the GCA clan. But, I am also glad he is home - I'm feeling your pain this week with Don gone to FL. I just HATE saying good-bye! It just brings back horrible memories from college and having to say good-bye A LOT! Thankfully, since being married, it has only been a few times! Good luck with your class on crack! =) You crack me up! =)

smlogan said...

where's the benefit of the doubt?
i thought the smiley would make it more than clear that i was teasing.
you are such a nut!

jeileenbaylor said...

Logan, of course i knew you were kidding... so was I! Maybe I should have included a smiley face as well.