Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another week come and gone

Well, it has been a very busy with Tim starting Starbucks, our car in the shop and my kids getting a little stir-crazy with all of this snow and cold weather.  But I have really enjoyed having Tim back and we are starting to get back into the swing of things again.

Wednesday night I went to Suzanne and Ryan Dobbertin's house for dinner (tim couldn't make it with his work schedule).  We had a great time catching up and remembering old times.  I am so glad that she is in the Chicago area and hopefully we can stay in better touch now.  Her son Gavin is soooo cute!  And she is such a good mommy!  I had a wonderful time with them.  

Then came the weekend....Finally! The weekends are always nice, because we usually sleep in Saturday mornings and then go out Saturday nights. Last night, we hung out with the Logan's. The guys watched a big basketball game (no idea which one:o) and Lindsay and I went out to Babies R Us to check out things for her registry. We had such a nice time!  After almost 2 hours of walking around the store, we found this great reclining rocker.  I just had to get a pic of her.... she looked so cute!

I have been going to church early, because I have been doing nursery during the 8am service.  It has been a really neat experience getting to know a lot of families and their children... and of course it give me my "Baby Fix " -- so Tim is glad for that ;o) Then Tim meets me at church at 9:30am and we go to our 20 something sunday school class.  We have loved this time!  Not only is it a great time to get to know couples our age, but it is also such a good time of study in the word.  After that, we go to the 11am church service.  
We just love our paster Colin Smith so much.  he has been such a blessing to us in these last 6 months.  Today there was a guest speaker, but his message was very encouraging to both Tim and I.  The basic proposition was  that God does not bless you or use you because you have a certain level of potential or usability. He blesses you because he wants to accomplish his work through you. But it really has nothing to do with YOU and your abilities.  
What a blessing!

I hope you all have a wonderful week in the Lord !  


Katie Barker said...

Thanks for all the newsy details! I'm sure baby shopping/registering was fun. . . Miss you.

LMLogan said...

jules this has been a busy couple weeks for you but I'm glad it's getting back to a "new normal"! we're praying for you guys! and I had so so much fun last night too! I think I would've walked out half way thru if you weren't there to help!!
glad the nursery's going well! so fun! so great to minister to those around you! love you!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Great update! I'm glad things are going well and that you have some good buddies up there! What church are you and Tim going to? I think you've said, but I don't remember (sorry, maybe it's baby brains already - oh wait, I've always had that!!!) Love and miss you! Glad you are doing well!

jeileenbaylor said...

Hey Kat,
We go to the Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church. We love it! Here is a link
p.s. you made me laugh about your "baby brain" that you have always had :o)

Anonymous said...
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Kristin said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy! I like the picture of Lindsay. Can't wait to hear "good news" from you... ;)