Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Aberdeen Update ~ March 2013

It's hard to believe that we have been living abroad for a YEAR AND A HALF now! Time has just flown by. I can honestly say that we are loving our life here in Aberdeen. God has been so gracious to provide for our needs, not only physically, but spiritually and relationally as well!
Hiking at Crathes Castle nearby hour house

Love my little ladies!
I have several groups of community that I draw strength and encouragement from. First, I am part of a lovely group of ladies that I have come to know and love well through the University of Aberdeen. We do playgroups, bible studies, baby showers, Thanksgiving, Easter Egg hunts etc. together. It's so nice!

As well, we have  a solid church family in Trinity Church. I am teaching Sunday School every other week and Tim has been helping to set up for the morning service as well as preaching from time to time. The girls have little Scottish and English friends and enjoy their Sunday School classes! We are so thankful for this local body of Christ that has been such an enormous encouragement to our faith as we have been here.
These two looks so alike to me!
Now that Maddy is in our local nursery (preschool), I am getting connected well to our little community of Ferryhill. Just about everyone walks their child the 15 minutes to and from school each morning, so we get to say hello and chat as we walk or before and after school. We all live right in that small neighborhood and often see one another at the park or the local store.  I'm enjoying getting to know the other mums and learning about the Scottish culture ;)

We are thankfully beginning to emerge from the darkness that is the Scottish Winter! The sun rises earlier and sets a bit later and there have been less cloudy days. I am feeling the energy and life course back into my veins again! Praising the Lord for that.

Well, here is the latest Aberdeen Update Tim wrote for our supporters. I thought some of  you might light to take a look at it as well.

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