Tuesday, January 01, 2013

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

We had an absolutely wonderful time home with family in the States for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to see so many I love and have so much time home.

Our trip ended up looking like this:
1 Week in Chicago (Tim presenting a paper and preaching at The Orchard, and catching up with our dear friends) Here are some of those pics. There are so many pictures I wish I would have taken, but forgot! I didn't get one pic of my LIFE group gals from church or with our time with Suzanne and her sweet family including their new lil' bundle!

But I sure did enjoy the time with everyone :)

Rose and Finley
Maddy and her friends Michael and Graham
My dear friend Kim and I
All the kiddos from my sweet momtourage friend that I taught with in Chicago

1 Week in Philadelphia and State College for Thanksgiving with our families
Cousins on the Baylor side over Thanksgiving. It was gorgeous out!
Four girls with their flowers ;)
Tim and his brother Jon with the two littlest ones. 
My sister's two kiddos (Rylee and Jordan) with my two

1 Week in Vancouver, WA with Ryan and Kelly Beardsley while Tim preached at their church. We got to see the West Coast and the Pacific for the first time! Our parents and Tim's sister shared the load of watching the girls, so Tim and I were able to be ALONE together. It was a wonderfully refreshing time! Here are all of the pics of our time there.

Kel and I in Portland

Tim and I at Canon Beach, OR

3 Weeks in Pennsylvania (split between Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, State College, Bellefonte, and Altoona) This was the most relaxing time because we were able to just BE in one place for a while and rest with family. What a wonderful opportunity! Here is an absolutely massive amount of pictures from our time in PA. These are my faves though :)

My sister Rachael and her husband Joe doing a magnetic Manger Scene Christmas Story with the kids

Grandpa Jordan building a gingerbread house with the girls

Tim and the girls dancing before church

Nana and Poppy Baylor with the girls

Grandma Jordan snuggling Rose

The girls in anticipation of Christmas morning

Mom Baylor and I sledding with the girls ;)
Grandpa Jordan watching Tinkerbell with Rose


Danielle said...

Fun!!!!! We were in Altoona too- dec 26-30. Were you there then too?!

jeileenbaylor said...

we were actually there on December 19th to take my health test or My Master's program. We met some people for lunch and that was about it. Too bad you weren't there at the same time!

Suzanne said...

Oh My Word! That picture of you and Tim in OR is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Your face, that hat, it just can't get any cuter... oh yeah, and Tim looks fine, too. :)

jeileenbaylor said...

haha- thanks Suz!