Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Aberdeen Update~ Summer 2012

It's been a cool and WET Summer here in Aberdeen. In fact it's been the wettest June recorded since 1911! We have become well acquainted with our rain boots (called Wellies here) and raincoats these days.The girls and I still go to the park to play and spend plenty of time splashing in puddles.
Jumping in Muddy Puddles on our walk to the Library 
If we stayed inside every day it was raining, I'm afraid we'd never get out! But the truth is that the rain isn't a downpour like in the States. It's usually more of a misty rain. And it's still been in the 50's - so it's warm enough to get out. I have to admit though, I have been aching for some HOT sun ;) So enjoy it for me if you can!

Taking a walk down a familiar path in the sprinkling rain. 

But when the sun does shine here and the temp climbs to 60 or 65, Scotland is one of the most gorgeous places to be! The grass is so bright green; the sky is a vivid and bright blue; the clouds are white and fluffy, the air is cool and smells salty from the North Sea and somehow the sun seems brighter than I've ever seen it before!
Pitmedden Gardens -just 30 min from our house.
See what I mean about the colors?!
Our sweet flower :)
We are feeling very settled after 9 months here. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful Christian community around us. We always have something to do and someone to see. I'm thankful for this adventure God has lead us on. It may not be exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I suppose that's what an adventure is all about, right? I'm grateful that I am able to stay home with the girls while Tim studies. There is just so much to praise the Lord for right now.  Perhaps I'm especially thinking along those lines right now since I just finished the book One Thousand Gifts. It was quite the challenge to my heart to be content and even thankful in all circumstance of life! The grass will always seem greener somewhere else, but God is always good - all the time.

Here is the latest update of what we are doing in Aberdeen these days. Follow this link to view it in your browser or download it.


casey said...

Glad to hear you feel settled after 9 months. Gives me hope. :) I am actually excited to get back to Aberdeen in a couple of weeks and start enjoying it and making friends!

jeileenbaylor said...

Casey -I'm SO glad you got to go home and be with family and friends, but I'm looking forward to hanging out with you when you get back :)