Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mischievous and Helpful?

Double the Trouble!

It was cute at first, but I did have to let them know they had BETTER not do that again. After all, Toilet Paper doesn't grow on trees ---oh wait, yes it does. Never mind. 

I had given them  bowl of popcorn to share while I folded laundry...and well... you can see how THAT went!

They both got some good giggles out of putting the bowl on their heads and yelling into it! 

But they can be helpful too! We made apple crisp together the other day. It was messy, but we had a lot of fun :)

Rosie just keeping wanting to eat the apples. This girl is addicted to apples; No lie. 

My little girl is growing up so fast!

At one point, I turned my back to grab something and Rose jumped up on the table!

Helping me make Nana Baylor's coffee cake this morning

Love my helpful girls!

What?! I have A LOT of dishes to wash every day by hand ;)

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Danielle said...

Please post Nana Baylor's coffee cake recipe. How did your week of meals turn out last week? Great pics. I'm sure you never ever have a dull moment with those 2 cutie pies! :)