Monday, August 01, 2011

They Call It This in Scotland

Life has been pretty crazy lately preparing for our move. But one of my favorite things to do in my *ahem* "free time" has been to read up on "Life in Scotland". There is a great website I have been frequenting called, Aberdeen Women's Fellowship. It's set up primarily to help families coming from many parts of the world to the University of Aberdeen with their transition. It's been so helpful! I found this list, "They Call It This" and had to laugh. Enjoy :)

They Call It This
aubergine (eggplant)
bap (roll)
banger (sausage)
candy floss (cotton candy)
courgette (zucchini)
mange tout (snap peas)
jelly (jello)
tatties (potatoes)
neeps (turnips)
swede (rutabaga)
polenta (corn meal)
crisps (potato chips)
chips (french fries)
corn starch (corn flour)
porridge (oatmeal)
tea (dinner/supper)
stovies (stew-like leftovers)
coriander (cilantro)
non-brewed condiment (white vinegar)
streaky bacon (regular bacon like in the U.S. full of fat!)
icing sugar (powdered sugar)
mince (ground meat)
bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
rocket (arugula)
sweetie (candy)
biscuit (cookie)
white sponge (white cake)
custard (pudding)
pudding (dessert)
spring onion (scallion)
jacket potato (baked potato) 


Katie said...

Funny. This is bringing back memories; I LOVE a Scottish accent! I'm very impressionable in my speech and was modifying my accent just from visiting for a week. :) You're going to have such an adventure! Maybe you can find a moms group at a local pub. :)

kellyH said...

wow, that's quite a list. and here I thought you wouldn't have to learn another language! =)

Leah Elizabeth said...

Also - I'll have to make sure they update the definition for stovies - because it's more like ground (minced) beef mixed with mashed potatoes - not really very stew-y. It's such a yummy comfort food on cold days :)

Also, the eggs aren't refrigerated. That'll save you at least one little headache on your first grocery shop.