Saturday, August 06, 2011

1 month shy of a YEAR!?

Seriously, how is it possible that my little baby is almost 1 year old?! I have just loved my days with Rose. She is such a sweet and mellow baby. But it as been fun to see her little personality start to peak out lately as she interacts with Maddy and us.

Ready to go to the park! She LOVES her Daddy :)
What's NEW:
* Two little bottom teeth (but she can still mash about any table food!)
* Says: dada, mama, ah duh (all done, and also does the sign), shakes her head for no
* Favorite foods: bananas, peaches, cheerios, chicken, cheese, and (gasp) peanut butter and jelly ;)
* Crawling around super fast these days (this is definitely her preferred method of transportation)
* Cruises around the furniture to get where she wants to go and walks holding onto our hands. But she doesn't seem to interested in walking alone quite yet, which I am totally fine with :)
* Sleep: she is a wonderful sleeper. She and Maddy share a room and are awake around 7am each morning. I think if Rose slept in her own room, she would probably sleep til 8. But it all evens out because she will usually take a nice 2 hour morning nap for me from 9-11. Then she takes another 2 hour nap from 1-3 (right when Maddy naps!). Then she goes back to bed for the night at 6pm. She doesn't even fuss when I lay her down any more- just plays until she falls asleep!

*Giggles and Smiles: she has become much more giggly, which I love! Things that make her giggle: playing peek-a-boo, when we take her pacifier and hide it behind our backs or pretend to put it in our mouth, when anyone else laughs or giggles, when she sees Maddy after nap time.
*Frustration: SHe has just started to show her frustration with Madison when she takes a toy from or is "too close for comfort". She'll squawk and flap her arms to get Maddy away. It's kind of funny.

* A Partner in crime - Rose as become Maddy's partner in crime. The other day I found them both quietly sitting on the floor of their room sucking sugar from the sugar bowl with straws!!

oh dear - what am I going to do with these girls? Oh -ok, I guess I'll keep them :) LOVE them so much!
Rose love to be EVERYWHERE that Maddy is :)
Rose we are so glad that you are a part of our family. You are so special to us! We love to see you grow bigger every day!


Danielle said...

Hilarious story about the sugar bowl. You have 2 cutie pies!

Katie said...

Rose sounds like a dream baby! Your two little girls look like such fun.

I thought E was a dream baby until he turned about 18 months. Now, watch out! He's such a mischievous boogar. Has two good teachers, I guess. Now he is closer to 2 than 1. THAT is crazy.

JordanandSue said...

Oh, that's too cute. Rosie is a doll, and the sister pics are too funny :) Where did this year go!?