Sunday, May 08, 2011

You Know You’re a Mom When…

You Know You’re a Mom When…
You have signed a check with a crayon
You wish your baby monitor had a snooze button
You can feed a small family with all of the french fries, goldfish, and various other crumbs found in the back of your mini-van You find yourself constantly talking in 3rd person, “Mommy said NO!” You child has taken two baths today but you haven’t had a shower in two days! 

You can think of 1000 different ways to use a baby wipe that don’t involve changing a diaper.
Instead of singing in the shower you say things like:
Don’t open the door
Go watch dora
No, you can’t get in
Is anyone hurt?
An uninterrupted shower feels like a day at the spa.
You know all the words to every theme song on Nick Jr. but you can’t remember where your keys or cell phone are .

When on that rare chance that you go to the grocery store alone, you walk the isles slowly as if in a museum.
 By Holly Furtick

One of my dear friends sent me this and it made me laugh. Hope it made you smile ;)
Have a Blessed Mother's Day! 


christina said...

haha! love this. it's so true! ;)

Travis said...

cracked me up! i totally love the shower lines. hahaha!

Travis said...

actually that was becky on the last comment - i don't think trav much cares what's going on in the house when he's taking a shower...hahaha =)

Jessica Gardner said...

I love this - these things are so true. :) But we love it anyways

melissa said...

That's too funny! (Too true!) Thanks for sharing it.