Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Rose is 8 months!

Our sweetie pie is 8 months old. We are just loving every moment with her! She is happy and carefree!

Went for her Wellness checkup last week and here are her stats:
Height: 23 3/4 in
Weight: 13. 9 oz
Head: 42 1/2 cm
I asked the doctor if I should be worried that she is so small ( I swear, she eats  a lot of food!).
He said, don't worry at all. You just have small babies! haha- and that really is so true.

*Her favorite thing is to sit on the living room floor and pull toys out of a her toy basket and look each one over carefully, put it in her mouth, shake it and throw it to the side. Such a simple life - love it!
*She is cooing and screaming up a storm lately. The coos are sweet of course. there are lots of bababas and dadadas! Now the screams are not quite so sweet. Although it's kind of hilarious because Maddy, Tim and I will all be running around doing different things and she will let off a high pitched scream and we will all stop and look at her. She inevitably grins and goes back to playing. She knows what she's doing ;)
*No teeth yet - but I'm pretty sure she's working on them. 

* She LOVES to swing. She just giggles and giggles. It makes my heart sing!
* Not crawling yet, but definitely scooting and moving to get where she wants (within a 3 foot radius)

MOST of all though,  I am loving how she and Maddy are interacting more. SO MUCH FUN to watch!

* We dedicated her to the Lord on Mother's day.

Before our church, we committed to be a Godly example for her as well as to teach her about God's Word, Goodness, and Grace! We have been entrusted with her heart and are so blessed and honored to be her parents. Rose you are a gift from the Lord!


Danielle said...

She is soooo cute! Love the pictures of the 2 of the girls together. I can't believe Charlotte weighs more than Rose and she's half her age. Your girls are so tiny and petite! :)

Katie Barker said...

She is so smart (with her toy research and calls for attention) and adorably cute.