Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maddy Says

 Maddy is almost 27 months old and is just cracking us up these days with the things that she says! She has such a fun and outgoing personality!

* Me: Maddy, don't pick your nose, let's get a tissue.
   Maddy: no
   Me: Do you just want to pick your nose?
   Maddy: yes!

* Maddy: Maddy's Happy day?!  (Birthday)
   Me: No, it's not now
   Maddy: yea, Maybe after nap Happy Day.

* A sample Maddy prayer: Thank you mommy, rose, dad, juice, nana, kel, Ry... AMEN!

* Maddy: Mama Dance? Rose Dance too? (we love to dance in a circle around her pop up princess tent in her room) It's so much fun. Maddy dances behind me (with Rose over my shoulder). Rose squeals and giggles at Maddy and Maddy does it right back - so much fun!

* When I tell Maddy that we are going to go see dad at work she will often say, " Hug him, and love him and kiss him! Tickle him, make him laugh!" It's so sweet ;) She LOVES here Daddy!

* "Oh No! What happened?!"This one can come after just about any accident. (potty accident, dropping food or any other type of item on the floor). Generally I do not love hearing this statement ;()

* Her recent saying as been, "Oh - my - gosh!" She said it the other day when she was in the cart at Aldi. She dropped a grape on the floor and said, "Oh-my gosh mom! Dropped grape! I have to admit it is kind of funny at first and Tim and I have both said this in front of her and not thought anything of it. But when we actually hear it coming out of her mouth, we don't really love it. I think we'll have to be a bit more careful.

* "Oh SO cute!" She will say this after I put on a scarf, she puts on a hat, or I put on make up. I LOVE having girls ;) After church one day, she saw our pastor's wife and said, "Nice hair!", "Pretty Eyes!"

And a new little section I like to call:

Things I never thought I would have to say:

* Madison, we don't put cheese in the dishwasher!
* We do NOT poop  on the carpet!
* It is not your job to roll Rose over!
* We can't run down the hallway with no clothes on(after she has snuck past Tim into the hallway on his way to work). It's socially unacceptable ;)
* Maddy, you cannot change your sister's diaper by yourslef!
...and the list goes on!

We love you Maddy girl! You are certainly full of LIFE!


Danielle said...

Omg I can see much fun awaits me with a girlie!!! .)

Katie Barker said...

Oh - I love it! All of it. Please post this section regularly!!

Lacie said...

Julie- I have tears rolling down my face! She is a HOOT!!! I love "maybe after nap." :-)

suzanne said...

Loved this post! I was headed to bed, so glad I stayed up the extra minutes to read this. We need to get these girls together soon. Charlotte's new phrase is "DUDE! Chase, stop crying." I wish I was kidding . . .