Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rose is 5 Months old!

Rose is growing up so quickly. We have just been loving these days with her. Her personality seems very laid back and happy ;) She is very patient for the most part and hardly ever cries unless she REALLY needs something or has been injured by her sister ;()

Here are some of Rose's fun facts for the FIFTH MONTH of her life :)

* Early in the month she rolled over from back to front one time. But then this morning, she rolled from her back to her belly, then over again (in the same direction) from her belly to her back. I found her across the room! I was laughing so hard. She is getting to be on the move!

* Still her favorite thing is to lay on her back and kick her feet straight in the air and make the best noises!

* She has found her toes! She will grab her feet with her hands (when lying on her back) and pull her toes into her mouth. Maddy did the same thing and it just cracks me up!

* She is loving the exersaucer and the bumbo these days. She seems to like the upright view without having to hold herself up by herself.

* We have NOT started cereal or baby food YET. I am dragging my feet on this one - not totally looking forward to it -haha!

* She has been making the best sounds lately Lots of looooooong sounds some b's - but mostly "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" -not yelling or screaching though - just cute sounds - I LOVE it!

* Each morning when I put her on the changing table to get her dressed and change her, Maddy pulls up her little read plastic chair and watches the process. It's adorable because both girls are head to head and Maddy will say, "Good Morning Baby Rosie!" and Rose will just SMILE and SMILE! That is one of my favorite times of the day!

* Unfortunately she has finally reached the stage of not sleeping anywhere anymore. I blame that on sleep training and I guess her age too. She sure does love her bed! But I suppose the benefit of sleep training is that she won't cry when I put her down and usually gets herself to sleep in about five minutes!
 Notice the toys piled around her? Maddy wanted to be sure she had plenty of things to play with ;)

*Again, unfortunately, she has been waking up around 5:30 or 6 (when she used to sleep in until 7:30!) But that has only been for a few weeks - so I a hoping it's just a growth spurt. Fortunately though, I can sneak into the girls' room, grab her, bring her into bed, nurse her and then lay her back down in the bassinet in our room and she will fall right back asleep and Maddy doesn't even wake up. Or if she does, she will go back to sleep. So I am thankful for that!

Rose - you are such a blessing from the Lord to our family and we are so thankful for you :)


Amy said...

I cannot believe she is 5 months already!! She is just adorable.

Katie said...

She is so cute! Sounds like Elliot - hardly ever cried unless he got an injury from his big brothers! That's changing up a bit now, because he's starting to cry when he doesn't get something he REALLY wants. (great)

I didn't worry much about solid foods either until 6 months or later. With older children around, it can be more work than it's worth!

JordanandSue said...

She is a sweetie :) i love those pictures & hearing that Maddy shares so many toys with Rose. That is precious :) Sure makes your life easier, right? I can tell you're enjoying her. I can just imagine Maddy pulling over her little chair to watch you get Rose ready! CUTE.

Liz said...

you have two beautiful girls!