Friday, June 04, 2010

Yard Sale Deals

A few weeks ago, I happened upon a neighborhood yard sale while I was running errands. Maddy and I decided to stop, get out the stroller and walk around the neighborhood to see what deals we could find.
 I think we did pretty well.

For less than $25 we got the following:

* one red chair - Maddy loves this and carries it around everywhere in the house to sit on.
* two winter hats and one summer hat
* one set of magnetic alphabet letters and numbers- I tried putting them all on the fridge to see how she would like them and she promptly threw them all on the floor and I was stepping on them all while I was cooking (Our kitchen is so small) - so I think I am going to wait a little while on those ;)
* an entire "My Little Pony" castle including ponies, furniture, Hot air balloon etc. (She is so cute playing with this. She even ran and grabbed one of her ponies to bring into the bath with her tonight. I think it will only become more fun over the years as she starts really "playing house")
* push/pull music toy (not sure of the name) - but she drags this thing around everywhere ;)
* a cute white shirt for ME!
* an adorable brown beaded necklace for ME !
* 3 pieces of tupperware for ME!

Overall, it was a fun day walking through the neighborhood and finding good deals with Madison! 
Don't you just love a good yard sale?


kellyH said...

awesome! I never see yard sales when I have a chance to stop. but one of these days maybe!

juliechall said...

That's great Jules...what fun finds. I was just at the Portsmouth Flea Market today and found a car seat - I was so pumped!!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

I love yard sales!! Sounds like you got some good deals!

suzanne said...

Fun! We hit up a great yard sale this weekend, too! We got a pair of crocs for Gav for $1!

Katie Barker said...

Wow! Love it all! I wish I could see her playing with it all. Glad you found a couple of things for you too. Thanks for the added descriptions of each thing. Miss you friend.