Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Yard Sale Deals ;)

I found this yard sale on craigslist because they had a ton of baby things and maternity clothes - perfect! It was a pretty good drive (maybe an hour in traffic).
 But it ended up being a fun day out with Madison and worth it for the treasures I got! 

These first two pictures are of a sage and cream bassinet. It was only $15 and I was able to wash all of the cloth portions with no problem. 
It has a little storage bin below for diapers, blankets, wipes - you name it!
 It has a nice "cover" for when the baby is sleeping and even a little mobile which includes a light, music, vibration(of the bed portion). Our plan is to use it in our bedroom initially(fits nicely at the foot of our bed). It also has wheels and is very easy to move so we may keep it in the living room too at times so as to give Rose some "Madison Free Tim" haha! I am very pleased with this purchase!

The next two pictures are of these adorable wood storage/decorative pieces. The frames are painted white, pink, green, purple, and yellow. 

The drawers are actually canvas storage boxes with ropes for handles. 
This piece sits on the floor and comes to maybe my elbow (which isn't saying a ton since I'm so short ;) I'm hoping to store socks, tights, hair bows and the like in these boxes. The only trick will be teaching Madison not to pull them out and dump them on the floor!

This one hangs on the wall and the top flowers are actually picture frames. 
There are also little hooks under the baskets for hanging sweaters, jackets etc. 
Once Rose is sleeping through the night, our plan is for the girls to share a room.
 So hopefully this will make their little space cozier ;)

Oh and did I mention that BOTH of the shelf units together were only $8!!!!

I also was able to nab a few bags of maternity clothes and clothes for Madison that are not pictured. 
I love summer and I LOVE YARD SALES ;)


Lacie said...

Great purchases, Julie!!

Katie Barker said...

Dear Jules,
I love yard sales so much too! I'm glad God provided such a great bassinet for you! said...

Oh wow, how cute. I love yard sales and garage sales myself. Great work!

juliechall said...

Way to go friend - these were great prices...even for a yard sale! And storage is always so great. I'm glad you continue to get everything ready!