Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's a ....GIRL!

Well after an 1 1/2 hr ultra sound - we found out that Maddy is going to have a baby sister! This kid was so jumpy! It was flipping all around the screen. It was really fun to see. And after all that the tech didn't give me a picture - bummer. But maybe I can get one from the doc. It was such a fun experience though and we are excited ;) We're still thinking through names. Most likely we'll share it once we have settled on one for sure.

Well, since I don't have a picture of the baby - I'll post of pic of me (and my baby belly at 18 weeks) when I was visiting my dear friend Dawn in Boston last week ;)


Amy said...

yay! Congratulations!

Lacie said...

You look great, girl! So excited for you all. Tim's gonna be surrounded by lovely ladies. :-)