Monday, March 22, 2010

Numbers to remember: 5, 18, 15

I actually started this post almost a month ago now, but just never had time to finish it. Yea - you could say it's been pretty busy. But the good news is that I am on Spring break right now in Boston, visiting friends and family and when I return home I will only have 5 more weeks of student teaching! Yes, that is the first important number. I am so thrilled to see the end in sight. After that I just have to study to CLEP out of a Health test, finish my Algebra correspondence course, and write my thesis and I will be finished with my graduate degree in teaching! I am just about 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and March 31st we will find out whether we are having a girl or a boy! - Again - soooo excited!

The last important number is that Maddy is 15 months tomorrow! The time has just flown by. Each day seems more exciting than the last. She seems to be learning new things each day!

Here are a few of the highlights:
* 12 teeth now (keep your fingers FAR away from her mouth!)
* toddling faster and more confidently
* Mama, Dada, Sof (Soft), Baby, dup (up), cu (cup), da (done) - she watches our mouths carefully while we are saying words to try to copy us, but usually comes out with one she already knows. She knows signs for all done, and please (gets mixed up with soft for some reason), and she has finally learned how to nod yes in answer to a question - communication is getting a bit easier - although she still does her fair share of high pitched screaming for no apparent reason!
* Brings books for us to read to her (her favorites are: old Mcdonald, her picture word book, and her rainbow food book)
* Likes to put things in our trash can (that has a lid on it). The other day I caught her just before she put the remote control in there. She also likes to take things out - ugh....the trash is a big "no-no".
* she has a pretty strong will and definitely knows what the word "no" means and what the consequences are, but sometimes goes ahead with it anyways. but there are those joyous moments when we say "no no" and she turns away to play with something else.... Tim and I usually clap and cheer for her!
* says "mmmmm" and smiles when she eats something she likes
* says "oooooohhhh!" when she sees something pretty or that she likes!
* Loves being naked - haha
* Still loves her thumb, especially if she is tired, upset, sick or just feeling out of sorts

So there you go: 5 weeks of student teaching left, 18 weeks along with baby #2, and a 15 month old active little girl running around!


akhughes said...

I enjoyed seeing your update! I am so glad you are getting so close to the end of teaching! I am sure that will be such a weight off your shoulders. I can identify with so many of things with Graham! (though he JUST got his 5th tooth!) a little slow there. :) congrats on girl #2, can't wait to hear her name!

JordanandSue said...

Sweet little girl! I love just imagining what she'll be like as a full-blown toddler!! Keep those pics comin'! :) I'm so happy you'll be navigating the world of 2 girls right along with me... Pray we survive the drama, right? :) Love you!