Friday, January 22, 2010

Sick Days

On Tuesday night of last week (the night before my first day of Clinical Practice in the classroom) Maddy had a fever of 101.7. She was sad, clingy, and cranky. I felt horrible! This was her first fever and I couldn't be with her the next few days to help her ride it out. I was so sad! Fortunately, Tim was gracious enough to cancel his meetings for the next two days to stay home with her. Wednesday morning the fever still hadn't broken, so he took her to the pediatrician and they said she had RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). So that has basically meant about 9-10 days of coughing, runny nose, very little eating or playing, and LOTS of snuggles (which Tim and I really did treasure because this child very rarely sits still!).

Ok, I will heartily admit that this picture is horribly unflattering. But I just had to include it because it encapsulates how we ALL felt at the end of last week - blah!
Then Wednesday night I got the stomach flu (yes throwing up and everything!) I was miserable! I was up most of the night and still sick into Thursday and Friday. Tim was so sweet and stayed home to take care of Maddy and I. Then Thursday night Tim got sick (stomach flu) and unfortunately I was still not feeling well. Then Friday night in the middle of the night Maddy threw up in her crib. We were both up tearing sheets off, changing her clothes and calming her down enough to get her back to bed. It was horrible. Finally, Saturday we started feeling better. Maddy's RSV stretched out through this week and seems to just be wrapping up (thank goodness!). And then ( you wont believe it) but Tim and I both caught a nasty head/chest cold from Maddy (the way adults get RSV). I think we are almost finished with it all now.

This is a pic of Tim and I (once we started feeling better) when Mads was still so snuggly and attached to her thumb. I don't think she took it out of her mouth more than a few times over the past 10 days!

I have to admit, I am not always thankful for health until my own or my family's is jeopardized! But now that we are all starting to feeling better I am thankful for our health!


Katie Barker said...

Oh... she does look so snuggly! sorry about all the sickness & it's no fun.

S said...

poor thing! we went through that with Jonas the 1st two weeks of the new year. it as scary when they are trying to breathe and can't...we had to get him a nebulizer. i didn't realize adults got it too- and we all sure did, Esther included. you're right we do take health for granted until we're sick!

Ben and Carissa said...

Poor sick family! I hate the yucks! Glad you are feeling better! You will never forget this bout!!

akhughes said...

ugggggghhhhhhh. sounds horrible. :( glad you are better!