Monday, January 04, 2010

12 Month Stats

I took Madison to her one year wellness visit today and she measured at 28 inches tall (10-15%) and 16 lbs. 15 oz. (5%). She is still our little peanut! They gave her two more vaccines and had to draw blood for an iron test. She's so tiny, they had a hard time finding a vein and even once they did, they had a hard time getting much blood out. So they ended up pricking her finger as well, to squeeze a little more out - poor kid! But while she was screaming, I noticed that she has her top right 1st molar coming in the back! I couldn't believe it! That's her 8th tooth. She can really chomp up her food now!

One of her new favorite snacks is ANYTHING with peanut butter on it (she gets that from her dad!) Her favorite is probably peanut butter and jelly though.

She is officially using a straw cup; no more bottles! The challenge now is to get her to drink enough in a day. She has such a poor attention span (she gets that from me I'm afraid ;)

I am thankful to the Lord each day for our healthy little girl!


akhughes said...

I can't even imagine how light she feels! graham was 24 lbs at his 9 month. aghhh! and he only has 4 teeth! it's so amazing how kids can vary in so many things, yet be so alike at the same time!
happy new year. :)

Danielle said...

Peanut is sooooooooooo cute! Love her expressions. So glad she's a good eater! I love peanut butter too! :)

JordanandSue said...

What a sweetie pie! I love those pics, too- especially that one of her in that adorable dress!

LMLogan said...

oh yay for the sippy cup!! :) she's perfectly sized! always been your peanut! what a cutie!! miss you guys already!

Katie Barker said...

fun pictures. I'll be curious to hear how the next appt. goes.