Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Baby Girl is Growing up!

I can hardly believe it, but Madison Hope Baylor is 9 months old today!
(As a friend so cutely pointed out to me, she has been "out as long as she was in")

She has a bit of a cold right now, so she is not quite as happy as the picture above :) But usually she is such a joyful little girl!

What she is saying: She is always jabbering (baba, mama, dada) sweetly to herself as she plays. She has just started to seem to actually say dada and mama when she wants Tim or I. She might not always distinguish correctly between the two names, but she is catching on and knows it is one of us. It just melts our hearts!

What she is doing: She is also "cruising" around the furniture. It's kind of funny, because she gets frustrated when she wants to get somewhere in the room where there is no furniture to hang onto. But then she finally gets down and crawls to it. Sometimes she will let go of the coffee table for a few seconds at a time to play with something in her hands and will stand there so balanced until finally she realizes she is not hanging on and promptly grabs the table.

Separation Anxiety or Loves to be the center of attention? From what I read, they say babies around 9 months old might go through separation anxiety, where they are very sad when you lave them-especially with anyone else. That's the weird thing. Madison has absolutely no problem when we drop her off at nursery at church or when we have to leave her with a babysitter. She seems as happy as ever and we always get great reports. But when she is at home and I have to leave the room, she bursts into tears! It makes me sad, but kind of chuckle at the same time. If she doesn't see me leave the room, she will suddenly realize and then start crying! Before I know it, she has started her "trail of tears" - where she crawls to find me crying the whole way. Again - so sad - but silly at the same time! When she gets to me, she pulls up on my legs and grabs the bottom of my shorts as if to say, "pick me up mama". I love that crazy nutter!

Things that make her smile: 1. When daddy comes home from work 2. when I open up the blinds in her bedroom first thing in the morning and she gets to look outside!
3. When the music comes on for her Baby Einstein Video 4. When we get to the nursery at church and she sees all of the toys (do you think she is bored with ours or what?) 5. When Tim or I crawl around on the floor with her 6. When I take a piece of fruit off of her highchair tray and eat it 7. When we kiss her toes

The Bottom Line:
We are loving on our little girl. This stage is so much fun with her. She is discovering so many new things and makes the best faces as she interacts with new things. We are so thankful to have her in our lives. We just couldn't imagine life without her.

Here is our most recent family picture outside of the little house that we meet with our college group on Sundays.


Katie Barker said...

Happy 9 months Maddy!

akhughes said...
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akhughes said...

love the update! I do LOVE this stage as well!! She's such a sweetie!

heckadude said...

Great post, Jules.

The picture: At first I thought Maddy had her fingers in her mouth; I now realize she is making a fist at the cameraperson. THAT is hard core.

Jordan & Sue said...

Happy 9 months, sweet Madison! :) She is such a cutie, Jules- I love hearing all her stories! Can't wait to see her cruising around without any help!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

I loved reading this post. This stage of a baby's life is just so much fun. Great family picture!