Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Mommy Chic" Baby Shower

I am in charge of baby shower invitations and decorations for a good friend of mine, Katie, at G.C.A. I was so excited when I found this new line of baby shower decorations called, "Mommy Chic". If you happen to know her, she is so fashionable and just the cutest pregnant lady you have ever seen!

These are the napkins :o) These are obviously the invites from the company, but they were pretty pricey (since I had to send out 100!) so I found some really fun paper (Bright Green and pink) at Kinkos (thanks Bob!) and then printed the wording on at the G.C.A printer. After printing, I put cute little flower embeleshments on each invite (thank you Michaels!) It was so fun to do :o)

These are the dinner plates, and I absolutely love them! The picture is perfect for her-- she loves to shop :o)

If you are interested in checking this out, click here for the website. I had to do all of my ordering online. No one around her carries it! They do, however, carry "Mod Mom" , which is very cute as well.


Amanda Lee said...

Very Cool, Jules. You are so artsy and creative. I know your friend will love the shower. Thanks for sharing your cool find.
By the way, does Tim know the blog is pink now???
Just curious.
Love ya

jeileenbaylor said...

Well, Tim found out about the pink background about the same time you did. We kind of agreed that even though the blog is called "Tim and Jules" I'm the only one who posts on it any more... he posts on his, so I felt like SPRING, so I went pink :o)

caleb & carmen said...

super cute invites! hope soccer season is going well for you- i stopped by the game the other day when you were playing norfolk collegate i think or maybe academy. i didnt even find out the score, but the girls looked aggressive! btw- yes it is katy beemer from nland. she is married to my brother eric. they are at woodlands camp where she works in the office and eric is an intern. they have a blog- you can get to it from my links. hope you are having a great day!

jess said...

I love it! You've got great taste, you friend is sure to appreciate all you're doing. Hope the shower goes well!

Andrew and Renee said...

Jules, you are so cute. And the pink blog is very cute as well. Hope the shower goes well. Love you and miss you!

jade said...

i can't belive it i missed the snow day!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Very cute! I love them. I love the fact that you put all your energy into making things the very best for your friends. You do a great job! Have a super Spring Break! Let's try to get together!