Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Gospel For Real Life

I've recently been reading The Gospel For Real Life by Jerry Bridges. I have really enjoyed it. The basic premise of the book is that "the gospel is the very lifeblood of our walk with God".

The chapter I just finished was entitled "Gift of God". Bridges talks about how we were completely dead in our sins and transgressions. We were in bondage to sin and to Satan. There was no way that we could please the Lord. It was while were were in that bondage, that Christ made us alive in Him by giving us FAITH! Withough the gift of faith, we would not have believed in Christ. Our response to this should be thanksgiving and worship for all of our days!


LMLogan said...

sounds great! guess I need to read it - scott probably has it! :)

nice to see a new post!!

Dawn said...

Praise the Lord for His great mercy to us!

Katrina said...

Don has recently brought out that theme in a testimony he gave and it is so great to know that ALL parts of our salvation was a gift from our great God! Thanks again for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

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