Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whats on my iPod

Check it out over at Luther's Stein.


Suz (Tim's sister) said...

Your "Luther's Stein" link doesn't work. Neither does the link to our family site (off to the right). Here's the real address for our family site:

Just so you know. Have a good night and don't forget to watch "The Office"'s a new one tonight.


Suz (Tim's sister) said...

Tim we all know you listen to Celine Dion more than anything else. Don't try to hide that fact.

Seriously, I am insanely into Mercy Me right now. I'm am also enjoying Casting Crowns a lot, too. But let me show how old I really am by telling you that my favorite is still Steven Curtis Chapman.


PS: I couldn't leave this post on your "Luther's Stein" blog b/c you don't have the option to choose an identity. I don't have a "blogger" name so I always chose "Other" or "Anonymous"....maybe you can change that option on your blog so I can harrass you directly??

Luther's Stein said...

I fixed the link, and changed the settings on my Luther's Stein blog so you can post.

Julie and i like Mercy Me too. Casting Crowns Lifesong is sweet as well. Do you use your iPod?

Suz (Tim's sister) said...

I use my iPod ALL the time. Of course, unlike you most likely, I have Raffi, Disney, & Patch the Pirate on mine. Mine is already full of music and I need to delete some music.

Thanks for fixing your settings! I'm enjoying checking and commenting on your blog! :)


Suzanne said...

One more thing and I swear I won't post to you again today, but your links on the right side of your home page don't work (with the exception of Jon's). Your "Tim's Theology" link is broken and so is "Tim's Sister's family". To get to your Luther's Stein you have to go directly to it and not use that link. Just wanted you to know in case you didn't already. Have a great day!


jeileenbaylor said...

suz.. thanks for the info about the links... tim will work on that, since I STINK at it... in fact I probably messed it up to begin with :o)

Also, We LOVE Sovereign Grace's music :o)

LMLogan said...

baylors...go check out my cartoon for you on my blog!! :) hehehe... SGM too!!

jeileenbaylor said...

very cute linds!

smlogan said...

patch the pirate?
you are such a fundy!

suz (Tim's sister) said...

Logan....I went to BJU. What do you expect?