Monday, May 01, 2006


I just finished my Theological German Exam -- we translated a selection from Deitrich Bonhoeffer -- I am officially finished with my work for the semester! I couldn't be happier to be finished. I have an entire month before my next class (this summer I will be taking 3 classes, 6 credits), which means I can read what I want to read!

I will probably spend the month attempting to complete my notes for my Theology class. I still have 2 whole doctrines left to write, so there is a lot of work to be done.


jeileenbaylor said...

oh yea... and he'll be spending a little bit of time with me :o)

Dad said...

Maybe he will have time to remember his fader :-)

LMLogan said...

:) oh and don't forget friends!!

Luther's Stein said...

I am a very important person -- people love me -- what can I say, I get busy!

jeileenbaylor said...

oh please honey, cool it... :o)

Suz (Tim's sister) said...

Congratulations, Tim. Glad you are finished for the semester and I hope that you will read something that appeals to the masses this summer.

robertlhall said...

Don't worry baylor...I will only spend time with you because I have to, but I am sure we will be "painting the town red" in spite of it.

Ha ha ha
I am funny

(that was some thinking out loud for your benefit).

LMLogan said...


that's all I have to say about your post tim!!

Luther's Stein said...


I will read the Da Vinci Code, I think. Or maybe some Romance Novel.


You are not funny, and that picture is gay.


thanks for the token laughter, it strokes my ego.

smlogan said...

nobobdy strokes their own ego more than you; leave my wife out of it.