Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rose is Rising!

Rose turned three at the end of August and I just can't believe how much she seems like a big girl these days. Her sentences come with fewer errors now and she is starting to pronounce most of her words correctly. I'm always sad when that happens  - ha!
 She is full of life and personality! For a long time we thought she was going to be quite tame and mild in comparison to Madison, but we are finding she has her own sort of spunky personality that comes out when she is comfortable in her setting. She's starting to stand up for herself more with Maddy and become her own little person. I love it!

She has started recognizing letters and numbers well and enjoys counting and listening in on Maddy's homework. She has started drawing stick people pretty well and plays so well on her own.  
In fact just yesterday, just found my lipstick and decided to draw some little people all over our fridge -ha! I had to laugh because Maddy has done much worse with permanent marker! And at least this cleaned up with a baby wipe ;)

She is getting taller each day and is gaining on Maddy pretty quickly. I think in the long run she may end up being taller than her big sister, but we'll see!
I hardly ever have her in the stroller any more.We walk hand in hand down the side walk. **Sigh!

Here are some of her sayings that I actually have been writing down since the end of Spring and through the Summer and am just now getting a chance to post them. So she speaks more clearly now, but I love remembering the little things she says and how she says them ;)

Rose Says:

After we dropped Tim off at work, "Mom, I miss Daddy! I Love Daddy!" As she looks out the window, "I love car; I love house; I love tree!"

When racing Maddy, "You winned. I losed! Maddy, I wan losed!"

"Hey Mom! I eat all my apple, that great?!"

When I catch her with the tv turned on (without asking) she quickly said, "Daddy say I watch a tv".
Me- um, honey - Daddy's not even home. That one's not gonna fly ;)

Rose after I flushed the toilet, " I like a waterfall mama!"

Looking out the window at night, "I wan a moon come down!"

In the back seat of the car in angry voice -"There a hair on me!" or "There a booger on me!" or There a dirt on me!"

Requesting her favorite song(This little light of mine), "I wan a sing a sunshine!"

Requesting Jesus Loves me, "Sing a God a Bible"

On a sunny day in Aberdeen (which are few and far between), "Thank you God a sunshine!"

"Is that yours milk" "Is that yours doll?"

"I have a scratch on my belly - maybe Maddy do it, maybe mama did it, maybe castles do it!"

When playing princesses or ponies, "You be this one mama and I be this one".

"Eww - bugs! we don't eat bugs, no no no!"

"Mom, you tell me if I say stupid. Ok? Did I say stupid? You tell me if I throw up, ok? Did I throw up mommy?"

Oh this silly little girl. I just love her :)


Suz said...

I love her tooooo!!!! :) xoxo from Auntie ZOOZANNE!

Katie Barker said...

She's so beautiful! And oh - those lipstick people are pretty funny :)

Danielle said...

I am LAUGHING and LAUGHING right now at the comments. They are HILARIOUS and very close to home with the conversations in our house lately. My favorites were the "you tell me if I say something stupid" and the scratch on her belly and the angry yelling from the backseat about what is on her. And oh my....the coloring! That has yet to happen in our house, but could be tomorrow for all I know. YIKES! What a cutie!