Sunday, February 03, 2013

Madison Hope is 4!!!

While we were back in the States Maddy turned FOUR! It's a bit unbelievable even as I type it. It really hit me the other day when she said, "Mom, on my next birthday I'll be 5!" Can it be?!

Yikes- time is just flying by. How can my baby by four already? Seems like just yesterday she was born on that cold wintery day in Chicago!

I've tried to keep a little record of my girls, their growth, updates and birthdays so that I don't forget any of these fun little years and because I hope to print that portion of my blog someday ;)

First Birthday ~ We had a little birthday with some of our friends in Chicago.  
She was so itty bitty, but spunky!

Second Birthday ~ We had a "My Little Pony" party with a bunch of her little buddies. Such fun! Rose was only 4 months old ;)

All her lil' buddies at her party ;) Rose is the tiny baby next her!

Third Birthday ~ We had a little princess party with some of her new friends in Aberdeen, Scotland!

Fourth Birthday~ We had the privilege of having a little birthday party with family 
while we were back in PA. 
With mom and dad on her special day!
She loves her Tinkerbel doll from grandma and grandpa!
Maddy wanted an Ariel Doll cake, so I followed this recipe along with many other you tube videos.
Don't look too close or i'm afraid you'll be disappointed, ha ;)
I had no idea where to put the candles ;)
And then extra weird is that she wanted to lick the frosting off Ariel!
Maddy says:

*Maddy turns everything into a race and has somehow convinced Rose that losing is good (only for Rose). So they Race down the hall and Maddy yells, "I winned!" and Rose (touching the wall after Maddy) squeals with delight, "I losed! Maddy, I wan losed!"

*Maddy a the breakfast table this morning, "Mom, I'm just thinking about if I'm gonna steal Rose's toast or not. That's what I'm doing right now."

*I heard some rustling up in the girl's bedroom (30 min after I had put them down), I went up to find both Maddy and Rose covered in sunscreen! They were up changing their pj's when I asked Maddy what was going on, she said, "I just wanted to be ready if we are ever going swimming soon someday!"

*She's into the "What if's" before bedtime. "What if Rosie climbs into my bed? What if Rose talks and talks and talks while I'm trying to sleep? What if someone takes out all of your bones out of your body when you're sleeping and when you wake up you just fall down and can't walk downstairs? Haha -that last one is my favorite ;) I think it comes from the fact that she has been learning about bones in preschool/nursery!

* In an excited shout, "Mom I just opened the car door all by myself! I'm getting bigger like you!"

She loves:

* dancing

* singing (especially her own made up songs ;)
* dressing up - mainly in princess dresses, but really any dress will do!
* sweets, buttered pasta, cinnamon toast, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cheese puffs, milk and apples
* playing ponies, princesses, babies, or kitty cat with Rose
* helping Rose with whatever she needs
Reading Rose a book while Rose tried to use the potty -she's a sweet sister!
* playing Cruella Deville with Tim or I
* nursery/preschool -her teachers - her friends - and learning - yay :)
* holding my hand
* crafting
Coloring the shapes I drew for her. She was being so careful and very proud of her work ;)
Being silly, putting the snowflake she had made on her head 
* hugging, kissing, and snuggling - she's still quite an affectionate girl
* Here daddy! She and Tim had a little tea party date the other day. Such special memories!

We're so thankful for you sweet Madison Hope! You make our world a happier place! Daddy, Rose and I are blessed to have you in our family! We can't wait to see all that you become. You are full of life and have a tender heart. We love to hear you sing, giggle, and play! 
You're the sweetest four year old we know!


Jessica Gardner said...

Carson and Maddison would get along so well. Carson loves to race to do everything. Landon doesn't get winning yet So he always claims he won even though it was after - and Carson starts arguing with him. So I just say - Landon you got second place. :)
But Carson literally wants to race to do everything, dressing, eating, walking, running. Literally everything is a competition :)

Katie Barker said...

Love the whole family.