Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday + 1st Highland Games!

We went to our first Highland Games event last weekend and had so much fun! Here are a few pictures. It was a gorgeous day for it!
Girls and I ready to head into the games
Caber Toss - very cool!

All the important people walking out to get the games started
The pipe band
Watching the pipe band go by!
Look at those gorgeous clouds and green grass :0)
The girls were waving, "Hi Daddy!" as we went by him on the tea cups :) It was their first time. So fun!
And on tap for food in the Baylor house this week...

Monday~ Grilled Chicken, Bacon, and Shredded Cheddar on spinach greens

Tuesday~ Quinoa and Black Beans (153 calories for 1/10 of the recipe)
- I swear I will make it this week! The problem is that I bought dried black beans to save money and keep forgetting to soak them in water the night before! I need to just do a bunch and then freeze them. Why is it so hard to remember?!
Wednesday~ Grilled Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde (236 calories)
* I'm just going to use the regular cheapest cut of salmon with the skin on and remove the skin before cooking instead of the center cut squares Giada calls for. And I am using honey instead of Agave Nectar. I'm also just going to use a sauté pan since I don't have a grill :)

Thursday~ Lentil Salad (222 calories for 1 cup) - ok. ok. I haven't made this one either even though I think I have posted it twice. I'm not super excited about it, but I have all of the ingredients and just need to try it!

Friday~ Beefy Chuckwagon Soup (317 calories for 1/6 of the soup), bread

Recipe Reviews: 
Curry Chicken Sandwiches~ Tim -7.5/10, Julie 8/10, Ease to Make 8/10. This was so easy to make and light, crunchy, sweet and savory all at the same time! I LOVED all of the fruit, nuts etc in with the chicken. It gave it a nice kick and was filling :) It's a GO!

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Danielle said...

Julie- your hair looks so nice long like that. I'm just loving it! Also, we made your chicken strips for our freezer cooking this week. Can't wait to try them.

juliechall said...

These pictures look so fun! And I love your hair too :) I hope you enjoyed the quinoa recipes. I have been doing my dry beans in the slow cooker and that makes it so I don't have to remember to soak them. Maybe that would help???