Thursday, April 12, 2012

#004 You Might Live in Scotland If... wash all of your dishes by hand. 

And in case you were wondering, YES I always look so put together when I wash my dishes :)

Of course I know that many people have to wash their dishes by hand, but it seems to be more predominant here. Our flat did not come with a dishwasher (some do), so I have come to terms with it and learned how to hand wash dishes efficiently. I really disliked it at first. I can't believe it, but in almost 9 years of marriage, we've always had a dishwasher! So this was quite the change for me. But I've started to like the time to think, listen to music, meditate on scripture (I keep a verse right by the sink), listen to a sermons, or just watch/listen to "The Cosby Show"on my computer :) I'm also am blessed that I have a nice big window to look out into our garden to help pass the time. I have been trying not to complain about the little inconveniences. We are blessed with SO much compared to many in the world. I want to practice having a heart of contentment.

I Timothy 6:8, " But if I have food and clothes I will be content with that."


Rachel said...

Same here! I don't do as many dishes you do, but I do like to help out and it has been quite a different experience without using a dishwasher :) I like the Bible verse by the window idea too! Fun to hear how God is revealing little nuggets of truth through small things like washing dishes by hand! Love you!

Robin said...

This made me laugh!! I must live in Scotland!! I've NEVER had a dishwasher.

Leah Elizabeth said...

It's possible that a more accurate title for this post would be: "you might be a ph.d. family if..."


Hope you guys are having so much fun with family!!

Eli said...

or Argentina :)