Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy Days

Things have been pretty busy in the Baylor household over the past few weeks. Tim's parents were here for a week, which was wonderful because the girls got to spend time with them and they were a HUGE help! It was so nice spending time with them in Chicago. Here are a few pics.

Mom Baylor with Rose

 Tim and his dad watching football and checking facebook ;)
 Maddy at the petting zoo. Mom Baylor and I took the girls.
 It was hilarious watching Madison let the goat lick her hand - she loved it!

 Tim's Dad reading to Maddy - she loved the extra attention!
 Mom and Dad Baylor with the girls at the play area at the mall ;) 

Then all of last week Tim, the girls and I got hit with pretty bad colds. Tim and I are almost feeling better, but the girl's colds have been hanging on. I think they are on the way out though - so I am happy for that! I feel like we have been cooped up in the house forever - I am ready to get out!

Since we were inside, I pulled out a old recipe for bath paints I had gotten off a blog a while back (sorry I don't remember whose it was or I would give you props!) But basically, it is 2 Tbs bath soap and a few drops of food coloring. I made three colors and Maddy loved it! Clean up was a breeze too - no stains! I just had to rinse it away with water- what fun!

 I can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We are celebrating here in Chicago with some friends. We'll be feasting all day, playing games, chilling, and watching football. Well, truthfully,, I'm sure the gals will spend a lot of time in the kitchen -but it's so much more fun on Thanksgiving - and with friends! I'm so looking forward to the whole experience! Then we'll be heading home to PA for Christmas - also right around the corner!


juliechall said...

Thanks for the update. I love what joy children get out of animals - looks like Maddy had a great time. I also think I will definitely try that painting idea - so fun! I have wanted to have Brynne try "painting", but was scared of the mess. It sounds like this is a great option! Oh ya...the good old cold is going around out here too...I hope everybody is healthy by Thanksgiving!

Katie Barker said...

Hey Jules - the last picture of Maddy on the couch is so cute. I can't believe how big she looks sometimes! Also - what fun idea on the bath paints. I'll have to give you a call when I need it someday(hopefully) :)

TwoMuths said...

I think it was probably Suzanne's blog - I got the recipe from hers. :-) FUN. Love the pictures!!