Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maddy and Her New Cousin Noah

Tim, Maddy, and I drove to MO last weekend to visit my brother, his wife and their new baby Noah. We had such a wonderful time lazing around, watching the Olympics, playing Mario Wii, and best of all, snuggling the new nephew!

This is Maddy sacked out in her car seat on our way.
It cracked me up that she pulled her blanky over her head ;)
My brother showing the Noah to Maddy.
She was very interested and learned how to say, "baby"
Shannon and the sweet little guy
SMILES - and no wonder - see the Chinese food in the background? YUM!

Maddy playing in Noah's cradle
My brother and his little guy

Tim playing 2 player Wii by himself while holding the baby = talent ;)
Maddy did really love having all of the baby toys to play with!
We forgot how nice it was that newborns sleep wherever they are
We went to their church with them. It was a long drive, but it was worth it.
We had such a nice time seeing them all again!

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