Sunday, November 08, 2009

Our Pink Panther

For Halloween, Maddy got to be a Pink Panther.
Her expression just kills me in this pic!

We decided to just stop by a few friend's houses to say hello. Katie was the only one home (Tim Barker had to work). But we had fun stopping by! She was so kind and let Maddy try some of her candy and even helped me put a nose and whiskers on her face :)

The family
The Gals
Checking out her tail!
She was cracking us up because she put this Milky Way in her mouth
and was crawling around the room with it!
Then she got to go to bed in her pumpkin sleeper.
Fun memories!


Kristin said...

You look great Julie! Maddy is so cute in her costume. I saw an excersaucer in the background; does she still use it? I wish Katelyn would stay in place.

akhughes said...

she was a very cute pink panther. :) I think halloween is one of my new favorite holidays after getting to do it with a kiddo!

jeileenbaylor said...

Kristin - she doesn't go in her execrsaucer too much anymore. But she will play in it while she watches Baby Einstein or Praise Baby (usually while I am making dinner ;)

Jordan & Sue said...

I love her expression in that last picture- how cute! She looks like she had a great halloween :)

juliechall said...

Oh my goodness - I love it!