Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Buds

In my original "June '09" post I had these pictures -but in the moving of things around, I accidentally deleted them and as late as it was when I finally posted it - I totally forgot!

One night while I was in VA Beach, I stayed with Jordan, Sue and Elyse Heijermans. Maddy and I had a wonderful time hanging out with our old friends.

Maddy and Elyse hit it right off - by that I mean Maddy clawed Elyse's ear while trying to eat the side of her face! -haha! They were a riot together. Seriously though, they are only 2 days apart in age and so sweet together! Thanks for letting us come visit guys!

I was not kidding - Maddy was totally attacking poor Elyse!

Maddy was playing with Jordan and as soon as she saw the camera - she looked over and smiled-what a ham!


Jordan & Sue said...

I LOVE the one where Maddy has her nose and ear- that is HILARIOUS! She is such a little monkey! I love that she is cheezin' it with Jordan, too. I miss her! Elyse sends hugs and scratches! (I mean, kisses!)

Shannalee said...

Ha! I bet you guys had so much fun. Maddy and Elyse are so adorable - and that pic of Maddy attacking Elyse is hilarious!