Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweater Coffee Mug

Tim surprised me one day a couple of weeks ago when he came home from Sbux with this mug (that I had been wanting for some time :) 
 He said that he saw it was the last one and decided to bring it home for me! I was so excited! It has been my new favorite mug  since then. 

You know what I mean, right?  Even when guests come over you secretly grab that mug before anyone else does because it is your favorite :) haha -- maybe that is just me!

Does anyone else out there have a favorite of something that you make sure to grab even if others are over?


suzanne said...

Oh yeah! I totally know what you mean! I have Starbucks (of course) stainless steel travel mug that I use every day! I take it evey where I go. Next time i come over, though, I am totally going to try and grab your sweater mug before you! So watch out!

Karis said...

I am probably going to be the weird one of those who comment who says that I don't have a favorite something that I make sure to grab even if others are over. Maybe that's why I thought this was such an interesting post!

I do love the mug, though! I think you will have several people who read this blog who will try to get your sweater mug before you when they come over. :-)

skB said...

oh yeah--totally with you on this one Jules! I have a few favorite mugs that I choose from. I always make sure that my favorite is "set aside". hehe:)

I love that mug as well--so glad you got one!

nate, christina, and connor said...

yes, i do it too! and even worse... i bought my mom and dad the same cups that i have and love, and when i go to their house i try to grab it before they do. :)