Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine's Day Question

Well, it is 4 am and Maddy is wanting some "awake time" so I thought I would change my background and do a little post. I decided to do a Valentine's background. Valentine's day is such a fun holiday- a time to remember those you love :) I always loved handing out Valentines to all of my friends at school.  I know Valentine's day is still a little less than a month away, but I was wondering how and if you plan on celebrating the day. Are you one who enjoys planning the day yourself or would you rather your significant other surprise you? 

I tend to drive Tim crazy on this one. I usually like for him to surprise me on special occasions (although sometimes I do enjoy surprising him too!) But then I usually bug him for days on end prior to the day asking what we are going to do. He usually responds, "Don't worry about it. I've got it all under control". Which if you know my husband, either means 1.) He really does have it all planned out already and just doesn't want to tell me or 2.) I have been too busy to think about it -but I will get to it before the actual day  ;) -haha - I love you sweetie!

I just thought this needed a picture - so here is one of Tim and I in VA in 2005

Most of the time Valentine's Day for us is not a major event. We save those for our Anniversary :) On V-Day, we usually go out for a nice meal together and then often buy a combined gift for our home. Our first year we got ourselves a coffee table from Pier 1 (I know - romantic, right?). But decorating our home is something we really enjoy doing together.

Just for kicks, I thought it would be interesting to link to the past posts I have done on Valentine's day.

So how about you? Any plans brewing in your head yet? Who usually does the planning?

Oh and I couldn't go without posting a new pic of our little peanut :)


Author Fonzarelli said...

Fun post, Julie! Well, Valentine's Day is special for us because our first Valentine's Day dating was the day of our first kiss....& our next Valentine's day we got engaged!

So we typically go to a nice restaurant & instead of buying gift, we use the money for our date or to do something we've been wanting together.

This year we will be at the Derrick's house babysitting for the 3 kiddos while they go away for their President's Day weekend. We'll obviously postpone our date! :)

Danielle said...

Ok- Adam did NOT post that. I didn't realize he was still logged in!!!! :) :)

LMLogan said...

valentines is usually a dinner - cards - and sometimes nice flowers. Scott plans it usually or it's a combined decision - usually on the place to eat! :)
I already bugged him about what we're doing this year and he was like - why are you asking me this so early? haha!!! gotta line up those babysitters! :)
have any ideas what you WANT to do this year?

Jessica Gardner said...

So I am the exact same way as you, and Richard is the exact same way as Tim. :-)
We usually just go out to eat (if he can get off of work) and exchange cards, and he usually gets me a nice something like, chocolates or something like that. Its always fun to look forward to though.

Beth said...

I just have to say that Madison is SO cute! I'm very happy for you. I hope you have a lovely V-day!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

I love Maddi's socks! Kate had a few of those sock/shoes and she wore them all the time!

This V-Day we are going to be in IN for the counseling conference. So, I'm sure we'll hit Golden Corral or some other VERY UNROMANTICAL place for the day! Since, our evening breaks are so short! And usually my birthday is only four days from V-day, so I normally get spoiled rotten that week! Yippee!

Ben and Carissa said...

Ok - if I waited for Ben to plan a special day, that would mean he would have to remember it first! But in his defense, we BOTH forgot our anniversary one day - forgot totally till a friend called to wish us a happy anniversary - bad! I love Valentines because it is a day where you can use the "special day" excuse to go out for dinner! That's what we'll do - but best of all WITHOUT our clan of children!! Yippie for elbow room!

juliechall said...

Maddy is such an angel, Jules. As for Valentine's Day - this year we planned something special together - it's kind of our last big fling before I get really fat and can't do anything any more :) We are going to a really nice hotel in Old Town Alexandria. We have been there a couple times, but have never been able to explore and they have the neatest shops. It's just fun to hang out. I can't wait! Hope you guys have a good one!