Friday, December 05, 2008

It is Finished!

I finished my last day with my students yesterday and then met with parents today for progress reports and to introduce my maternity substitute. I can hardly believe that I am finished until March 16th! In Early November I was in tears, thinking that I would never make it. This has definitely been one of my most difficult classes and just an all around difficult teaching experience. But God is so good. He carried me through. I am feeling very confident in my substitute that she will do a great job and have them where I need them to be when I return.

Funny, I texted my mom and said, "I am finished!" and she said, good now go put your feet up and get some rest! I replied, "I don't know if I remember how, but I will try". I don't think it has hit me yet that I don't have to lesson plan this weekend, respond to parent e-mails, or grade papers! What WILL I do with myself? There are a few things that I would like to accomplish still before Maddy arrives: wash and fold one more load of baby clothes, put up the curtains in her room, straighten the nursery and get a few pics, organize my Christmas card addresses, pick up around the house, and decorate the Christmas tree. I actually purchased our tree at Home Depot LAST Saturday for $15 - and it is a gorgeous tree! But it is still sitting in our living room (in a stand with water) undecorated. Tim and I have been so crazy busy. Hahah! So I guess now I have time to do some decorating this weekend :)

Here is a free photo I got taken at Babies R Us - I was about 39 weeks here - crazy how close I am getting!

I would ask that if you could pray for Tim. He has a major paper, an exam, and reading to be done by the 17th of December and he just found out from Starbucks that he has to have a total of 240 hours of work put in (for this quarter) at Starbucks by December 15th in order to keep insurance for himself (and baby Maddy). We originially thought the deadline was December 30th, so he was going to reach that no problem. Long story short - he has to work an outrageous number of hours this next week just to keep insurance. On top of that, he still has church things to deal with for our college group and quite a bit of school work left to do. He he so amazing! He has not even complained about it to me. He is just willing to do whatever it takes to care for our family. What an amazing husband I have!

He even found time to put together Maddy's crib and Changing table.There were like a gizillion pieces - he is so patient! I would have totally flipped out!

This is a picture of Tim with our sweet niece, Sadie Baylor. I know is going to be a great Dad!


Karis said...

(You) did it. You did it. You did it. Hooray! Lo Hicimos. You did it. (Can you tell we watch a lot of Dora around here?!)

Love the picture. You look so cute.

Yay for wonderful husbands. I am very thankful for mine too, and it's great to hear wives brag on their husbands.

LMLogan said...

yay you're done!! :) and that's crazy about tim's schedule!! I'll be praying for him! :( can't wait to see tree and nursery pics! hey, let us know if there's anything you need help w/....or anything tim needs help with! :)

Danielle said...

Julie- you look STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're done! When is your due date? Please relax until them! :) Miss you!

The Stamper Story said...

You look great, Julie! I'll pray that you'll be able to rest and enjoy a few peaceful days! Kate (#3) was born at a CRAZY time for Jason with school, church, and work. It seemed insane and an impossible time to have a baby, but God was good and it happened exactly like He wanted it to. I'll pray for Tim!

Andy and Davina said... look so pretty! Caleb loves looking at the pictures of when I was pregnant with him...I'm sure Maddy will be enjoy this picture when she gets older :)

Ben and Carissa said...

Step 1: Take your shoes off
Step 2: Put your feet on the coffee table (or just lay on down)
Step 3: Read a book or watch a bunch of nothing on TV
Step 4: Do this repeatdly because you won't do it again for 20 years!

Good work, Julie! I can't believe you TAUGHT this far into your pregnancy!! Super mommy for sure!

jeileenbaylor said...

hahah - Carissa, that was great! I just laughed so hard when I read that. Such good advice :)

suzanne said...

oh wow! Tell Tim to hang in there! I will be praying for him. Gavin was born during exam week, so we know a little bit of what he is going through.

Travis and Becky said...

oh, jules! we're praying for you! and tim. i can't believe all that work. i know you guys can do it! love you!

Dawn said...

Love your picture! I am sorry that Tim is feeling so overwhelmed; I will be praying for both of you! Get lots of sleep and I've heard if you do squats it helps to move the baby down "-)