Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Shower Weekend!

Well, this was the weekend for baby showers! I have to say, I have been blessed with so many "mini-showers" along the way! (Baylor family on vacation, friends in VA Beach, Cohort at Trinity and then this weekend my class threw me a shower on Friday during school and Katie and Lindsay threw me a shower on Saturday!)  

As I said, my class (and their parents) got together and planned a meal and shower for me during school on Friday. In Holy Family fashion, they served fried chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, and greens. It was delicious!

The kids had so much fun. They sat sooo QUIETLY and ate (now I know the secret : I just need to stuff their faces :)
I got some really cute outfits and some other sweet "baby things".

Then on Saturday, Katie and Lindsay (and another girl from my church) planned a shower for my church friends, school friends, local friends and family.  The cookies below were made by Katie and Linds. Sooo cute!

This was the food - just absolutely stunning! And it was so yummy too :)
I got some really great things that I needed still (Praise the Lord!)

Here are some of the gals from church
And some of the gals from Holy Family Lutheran School
My mom and my twin sister decided to make the drive out (12+ hours) just for the day! They are too sweet! Rach organized my family by sending out e-mails and asking everyone to send her whatever they could towards a shower gift. Then she went to Babies R' Us and bought us a crib, mattress, car seat, and stroller!  Thank you Jordan family! You rock!

And lastly, just wanted to give props to Lindsay and Katie for planning this shower for me. I know how much time, money, love, and effort it takes to coordinate something like this. So thanks so much ladies!
And I cannot end without thanking the Lord for His love and provision. He is so good! 


skB said...

aw Julie--that is so great! You deserve to be spoiled! It was great seeing the pictures of the moms of your students--how sweet that they did all of that!

akhughes said...

the showers looked beautiful! isn't God good in providing so much through friends & family? my 1st shower is next week and I am so excited!

Shanna said...

Wow, Julie, you are very loved! :) Congratulations on the baby on the way--I bet you're so excited!

Sometime I'd love to hear how you're liking teaching in the city, BTW.