Friday, July 18, 2008

Out with the Old in with the New

Well, as many of you may know, at the beginning of July we moved out of our one bedroom apartment in Glenview into a two bedroom apartment less than one mile down the road in Northbrook.  It was literally a crazy sequence of events. 

We got our keys tot he apartment on June 21st and Tim and I stopped by to check out the place and see where we should put the furniture.  Well - to say the least, we were horrified! It was a filthy mess - not to mention that the new appliances that we had been promised were probably from the early 80's.  

Tim was furious. They had shown us a model that looked great and told us it would be cleaned and painted for us to move in.  It was nowhere near ready for us to move in.  Tim called the leasing office and ranted and raved, but basically no one would hear it. They thought that there was no problem with the state of the apartment. Just to give you a little glimpse of what I am talking about, I will include a few photos.

And seriously - that is just the beginning! So it got to the point where they wouldn't do anything about it and they wouldn't let us out of our lease, so Tim called the local health department to come inspect the place. He called the leasing office and let them know that he had made the call.  When Tim arrived to the apartment the next afternoon with the health inspector, the place was painted, cleaned and there was a note letting us know that they had ordered ALL new appliances ( dishwasher, stove, air conditioner, and refrigerator.)

What a blessing! This all finally came together the DAY before we moved in!  I will post some pics of the new place soon. It's turned out to be a nice little place. We are enjoying decorating and planning the baby's room!  Which by the way we find out if it is a GIRL or a BOY next saturday (July 26th)!!! 

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Danielle said...

AHHHHH That is horrible! I am SO sorry to hear this. What a disaster. Adam says to Tim- way to go for calling. Seriously- a complete turnaround just by making a phone call. I am so glad you and the baby don't have to live in the apartment in that condition!!!