Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wheaton Acadamy Interview 2

Well, Tim heard back from Wheaton today. They are going a different direction with the candidate they are choosing. Thank you all for your prayers. We greatly appreciate it!
I think Tim is pretty sad and a little scared about finding a full-time job this fall. But I know the Lord will provide. He always has.

I am actually just relieved that we know one way or another. Now we can look into other jobs more fully.

Please continue to pray as we seek the Lord and His will for our lives.


Kristin said...

We're praying for you guys.

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Their loss! We'll continue to pray for you guys!

jeileenbaylor said...

Kat- you are so right, it is their loss! They don't know what their missing! thanks for the encouragement :o)

Karis said...

Katrina's comment is great! Wish I would've thought to say that but instead I'll just agree with her and you.