Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving at HFLS

We had a big Thanksgiving feast at school and we celebrated with Thanksgiving Bingo, A turkey craft, and "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" It was a lot of fun!


jess said...

Love it! Sounds like you made it special for them. Will you be able to make it home for Christmas?

Ben and Carissa said...

You are such a good little teacher. I miss teaching! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Did you like staying home? I really enjoyed staying home this year. It felt different...I guess it is time we start our own family holiday traditions!

Lacie said...

What cute little kids! Do you really only have 9 students!? Your classroom looks great. Miss you!

jeileenbaylor said...

Jess - yea we are going home for christmas! I am so excited :o)

Carissa - you only miss teaching bc you are not in it now... i can't wait to stay home with kids ;o) --- I did like staying home for thanksgiving.. it was fun having our own

Lacie - I really have 11 kids ! Two were missing that day! i can't believe it is still so challenging with only 11. thank the Lord that I don't have 20!
Miss you too!