Friday, August 10, 2007

I have a job!

Well, as of today - I have a teaching job!

The last few days have been quite the roller coaster.

Wednesday -I turned down the Trinity "Academic office assistant" position. Tim and I prayed about it and just felt like we should wait to hear from the two other schools.

Later Wednesday - I got a job offer from "Holy Family Lutheran School" to teach 3rd grade.

Today - I heard from the other school that they had chosen another candidate, so I accepted the third grade position at Holy Family. I was glad to have one door close and another open up!

I am really excited about this position. Holy Family Lutheran School is a ministry to underprivilegeded kids in downtown Chicago. The school is fully funded by Holy Family Ministries. They provide breakfast and lunch for the majority of the children in the school every day. The Principals name is Cheryl Collins. She has such a vision for the school and for the kids. Her attitude and vision is contagious!
It has been so great talking to her and hearing about the ministry. She seems to be excited about adding me to the team. That was encouraging to hear.

The salary is pretty decent and the benefits are great! What an answer to prayer.
-- It is going to be about a 45+ min. drive there every day, so that will be a little different than the 2 min. drive that I am use to :o)

All in all --- Tim and I are really excited for the position and thankful to the Lord for His guidance. "Thanks be to God, who causes us to triumph"

Thank you for all of your prayers! They are so appreciated. We love you and miss you all so much!


Lacie said...

Praise God! So happy to hear your good news. And it sounds like a wonderful ministry opportunity.

Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

Hi, Julie! I'm so happy for your new job opportunity! What a neat teaching position - you'll be a huge blessing to all those little kids, I know. So glad to hear how God is providing for you two - keep in touch!

S&s said...

Julie--I was SO excited when I went to your blog today and saw the news!! I am so happy for you--I know that it is a relief to have a job!! Sounds like a great ministry! Can't wait to hear more about it;)

amanda lee said...

Congrats on the Job!
Miss you

LMLogan said...

I know you'll do an awesome job and impact those children's lives!

Tim & Kristen said...

Praise the Lord for providing you with a job. It seems like you will really enjoy that school and have many opportunities!!

Prince of Paupers said...

And Mommie and Daddy said... whewww! Love you baby... yer gonna be great!

Karis said...

Yeah! Glad to hear of the answered prayer. I had to smile about the 45 minute drive compared to the 2 minute drive -- I bet you did enjoy that 2 minute drive! Also glad to hear you already appreciate the principal of the school in seeing her attitude and vision. That is important for you fitting into the team there.

journeyer said...

our God is faithful! Thank you for letting us share in all of this. We are praising His name for answering our specific prayers! Love you. Kate

jess said...

Sweet! So happy to hear the news! And working downtown, I think you will love it!