Monday, February 19, 2007

Chicago Survey Trip - 2007

We flew in to Chicago on Friday Night. We got a SWEET rental car, a Nissan , Morano - AWD :o) We are loving it! Friday and Saturday night we stayed with some friends of Jamie and Stacie Potts. They were really very helpful!

Saturday, the 17th , we went into Deerfield to see the Tinity International University. We met Jeremy and Sarah Brown who drove out for the " Taste of Trinity" Days.

** After lunch, Tim and I drove around until about 5pm Apartment searching in the Deerfield and surrounding areas.
Lastly, we went into the city of Chicago, and walked around on the city on Rush street and Milwaukee Ave.

** We went to dinner at the "Grande Lux Cafe"- It was amazing! We ate dinner in the second floor rotunda, overlooking the city. It was gorgeous! I had a signature shrimp scampi and Tim had a shrimp, chicken, and rice meal. It was so fabulous! I don't have pics, because the camera ran out of batteries, but here is the website if you want to see what it was like :o) Click here on

Following will be some apartments that we looked at in the area. I will be specifically posting these for family, and friends who are interested :o)

This one is my favorite so far... a bit pricey, but they all are in Chicagoland! It has one bedroom with a nook for Tim's office. It's very spacious and nice looking!

Very much like a hotel entrance and lobby and hallways.

laundary facilities on second and third floors

There is the nook for Tim's office :o)
You can't see it, but we can fit a small table over in the right of the kitchen
The sink is outside of the bathroom .
Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think! Tomorrow is job hunting. I have put together my portfolio and I am dropping it off and meeting with administrators all day tomorrw :o) Pray all goes well!
See you all VA Beachers soon!

Here are some fun pics of tim and I at lake michigan :o)


LMLogan said...

I could oooh and ahhh all night!! so wish I could be there w/ you guys!! great pics jules - anxious to see more! :) have fun!!

Michael said...

Hey Tim,
Heard someone preaching that reminded me of you so Googled you and found this site. I enjoyed reading it. It looks like a lot of work!

Conleys said...

Glad that your trip has been profitable so far. I love the pics of you guys on Lake Michigan, they are so cute. I love your hair - have you gotten it cut recently.

Tim said...

Hey Michael. Good to hear from you. How have you been, what are you up too?

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks for the comment. I did get my hair cut and highlighted ... so thank you ;o)

journeyer said...

Thanks for the pics. There sure is a lot of snow! :$ I'll be praying for your interviews today!

juliechall said...

Looks great Jules - praying for you guys!

Michael G. said...

I am doing better than I deserve! I can fill you in on our journey if you are interested

jade said...

hi. i am very sore,i fell off my bed last night and hit my back!how are u guys .its great to see u guys prospering! im praying for u!

Kristin said...

Nice hair cut Julie! I'm glad you had a nice trip. We'll have to get together and talk about your trip. We were praying for you, Tim, Jeremy, and Sarah. Hope everything works out for jobs and housing.

Dan & Karis Seely said...

How exciting it must be to see the school and where you might be living. The apartment looks like a step up from your first apartment at Oak Grove -- not that there is anything wrong with Oak Grove as we lived there for two years as well but it didn't look like those pictures.

Katrina said...

YEAH! I'm so excited for you! Great picutes! We'll have to get together soon to discuss it more! Praying for you guys!

Conleys said...

It was good to see you too last night. When you get a chance you have to tell your whole airport story. Definetly good blogging material! :) (but sorry it happened)

Conleys said...

p.s. sorry to bombard you with comments (but i don't have your email). sometime I'd love a jewelry lesson from you. i know the basics but have some more questions. katrina would probably love to learn more too, b/c she just got some new beads. i'm sure you're swamped right now, but if you ever have a chance, email me at and we can get together!

jeileenbaylor said...


I might end up having a class sometime... maybe we could do it this week while tim is gone -- let me know what you think and anyone else that would like to come :o)