Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Family in town

This weekend my brother Tim, his wife Shannon, and my twin sister Rachael ( the one next to me :o) came to visit! So do you think my twin and I look alike?

We went to a GREAT restaurant along the boardwalk. It's called "Watermans" They have the best crabcake sandwhiches around!

We had a great time on the beach with them. We walked along the boardwalk, checked out the massive statue of Neptune and caught up on things.

That night we went to Bravo for dinner. We had the hook -up too! My sister rachael, works at Bravo part time as she is starting her sewing busines. Well she had been working there for years now and she gets a 70% discount! So we went all out... appetizers, drinks, great meals, and dessert! It was amazing. For the five of us the bill should have been $135, but instead it was only $60! Talk about a deal! --Ohh yea, that's my brother, Tim making that great face at the camera--he cracks me up!

Tomorrow mornng we are all heading up to Hershey's Park to meet my older sister, her husband and three girls. After that we'll all head to State College, PA where the rest of my family and tim's family lives. We'll be there until Monday :o) Everyone have a great weekend!


LMLogan said...

have fun!! looks like you've already been doing that!! can I say I'm jealous?? I want to go to PA!! :) maybe on the next trip?? give both families a hug and hello for me and scott!!

Shannon said...

No, I don't think you look like your twin sister. People had no excuse to get you guys confused! Sometime you should post your growing up pics to see if you looked more alike then. Have fun on vacation with your family! We just in PA last week and had a great time also.

Kelli said...

Have fun with your family!

Katrina said...

I'm glad you had a great time with your family! Enjoy your vacation with your family. We'll be heading past you next week as we head back home to the grand ole state of Michigan!