Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back to Posting
I have been out of the Blogging world for quite some time now. I have been sick for about a month now. there have been three or four different problems that I was facing. Among them was a bad cold. The others I won't go into detail about (mainly girl problems) and I don't want to weird out any boys that are reading this :o)If you're a girl and are interested in all that has been going on, feel free to e-mail me :o)

Nevertheless, the Lord has been good and I am feeling much better!

Thank you so much for thos of you who were praying for me. I am very greatful!


journeyer said...

So glad you are "back."
I missed you,
and I was tired of seeing German everytime I opened your blog up!

LMLogan said...

same here...wondering if tim had taken over...hehehe like that will happen!! j/j!!

so how's the soccer going?

btw - so so glad you're back to feeling better!!

LMLogan said...

by the way!!!

CONGRATS NEW AUNTIE AND UNCLE!! I just saw the pictures of baby ryland timothy!! Tim must be so honored to have him named after him!! :)

suzanne said...

Hey, Julie, nothing new here. Just busy busy busy! I'm glad that you are feeling better! It's nice to have you back to the blogging world!